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.​.​.​and then, there's nothing left​.​.​.

by Netra

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Trapped 01:49
An armed revolution is it a solution? To change their minds that we must survive. Don't believe their story, excuses and their sorries Forever we're in chains. We are trapped, there's no way out no end in sight, this is your life! We're just a number in their game political stories and fairytales. Don't compromise with society that is just stupidity. National security, fuck off and let me be. Police in our streets, not for me and those NSA, stay off my privacy Can't you just let us be?
Societies always try to find a god or a master who says what to do. 'Cause they don’t think twice, they will become victims of their self-created oppression. There will always be individuals who stand up and fight back against this fucking system. So join the struggle, organize resistance, create anarchy and start a fucking riot! money banks, oh no thanks we burn them down to the ground free your mind, don’t walk in line don’t you ever conform to the norm corporate greed, we don’t need it’s peace love and anarchy golden shower on your white power one solution it’s revolution. We don’t forget, we don’t forgive win (y)our freedom in fire freedom, in fire
Contre Eux 02:22
Toi et moi, ensemble, contre eux Et vous et nous, ensemble, contre eux Tout est à nous, et rien n’est à eux A bas l’état, les flics et les patrons La jeunesse emmerde les fascistes La jeunesse, elle est anarchiste La jeunesse défend les droits des animaux La jeunesse, se bat pour un monde plus beau Non! C’est à vous Non! Une lutte des classes Non! C’est à nous Ni dieu, ni maître El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido
Meat 02:01
Forced, shocked, killed, raped Forced, shocked, killed and raped These actions, can’t be explained Hanged bleeding on a rope These creatures are on dead row Meat, meat is murder Dairy is still rape Chained for life in dark cages Crime-scenes in locked up places Milked dry with forced breeding’s You can’t deny all their screaming’s
System 02:37
As long as mankind exist people have been immigrating. Searching for a stable place or try to escape a failed society. Once arrived at the borders there is no place for a equality. As long as your life is okay you don’t have to be afraid. No oppressive system Human race haters and money makers are the evilest dominators. And those dictators are nothing more then the worst discriminators. Racist, sexist and fascist scum once again your time will come. Political lies to creates hate so take a stand at the barricade.
Sexism 02:58
80 percent of the women that have been raped are under their thirties and that’s only in the United States. Every two minutes a woman’s being victimized, not only by a stranger or in the name of Jesus Christ. Our sexist macho culture must come to an end. It’s time to raise those voices and say ‘we shall not bend’ Women are forced to a beauty body now by the propaganda and fake pictures that are all around. Women are not only brought to this planet earth too obey men’s orders or to give some baby birth. There is no excuse for your minor gender abuse forced marriages with children, what the fuck I’m still confused. It’s time to stop this evil sexist culture, smash all patriarchs and fight for equality for all nature’s species. sexism kills, sexism kills, all the women on depression pills sexual abuse, sexual abuse, for your acts there is no excuse sexism kills, depression pills sexual abuse, there’s no excuse
Ratrace 02:27
Welcome to this world my child This life you choose that will be hard Another slave for this mankind 9 to 5 is forced into your mind This is the life I reject This is not a life for me This is what they want me to be A slave for you and not being free Get up, work hard and don't sleep tight These are the things they force into your mind Stress will lead you to the ground A vicious circle that must go down
Thanks to the creators of this plague Thanks to the owners of this outbreak Thanks to the leaders of this annihilation Thanks to the rulers of this devastation Thanks to those who are responsible for this extinction Mankind has proven the reason of its existence From the start we turned a blind eye We’re at a point that we can cry now Fuck, we’re all in sin, I cannot find my words where to begin We’re killing entire species of animals, poison our bodies with lots of chemicals We’re turning oceans into dead pools, a world that’s being run by fools More concrete and cutting green lungs, we’re creating cancer for everyone Apocalypse now, it’s what we deserve Mankind’s the butcher of our dear mother earth Apocalypse now, it’s what we deserve Humans are cancers that plague the universe We’re overcrowded with our own population, our greed will lead to a starvation We’re the disease on this planet, nature vs mankind, an endless battle No future for the next generation, nature’s revenge end civilisation So start to run and start to hide, the storm will come with a flood tide
My reality is all gone So climb upon your throne of death I am fearing for my life This madness is your fucking fault We have no time to rest You deserve eternal death I don’t care about your life And I don’t care about your child I’m so sick, sick with society It’s killing me and makes me nuts So what is this, this all about? Do we have a thing to prove? Don’t force me into your world I won’t drown in your sea of shit It’s my life and I do my thing No kneeling down for a king More free speech for the dumb Better to ignore all those scum
War 03:32
Living in war for so many years, living in war cried so many tears They decide to drop their bomb, they decide when your life is gone War, we don’t need your war No chance for you to go back home, no chance for you to be left with hope All these wars for the wrong reasons, all these wars gives me an angry feeling Your country needs you, what a shame, all those lies just another game Innocent soldier on the path to death, innocent civilians got shot in the head Mindless violence is not a game, mindless violence is not for me War machine, what a shame, war machine, what a shame
Go! Welcome to the pet shop or can I say a sweatshop. Where cuteness is all around but the real cruelty is behind bars. Just for the love of money mom's are forced to breed more. With fake ID's and illegal imports. It's animal abuse at his worst. Don't you buy at the pet shop while others die or wait to be adopted. So don't you be surprised that your animal has been victimised. They don't care about your animal that's getting sick and ready to die. Under closed eyes from the politics they can go on with their business


first full album from Netra


released March 1, 2020




Netra Belgium

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